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Jennifer Krause

Hi Ron,

I'm actually trying to get in touch with you regarding an open position that we have at Corinthian Colleges for an Online Community Manager. I just can't seem to locate an email address for you. You can reach me at jkrause@cci.edu or 714-427-3000, ext. 568. I look forward to hearing from you soon.




My favorite aspect of Twitter is that customer support comes to you. I've requested bug fixes and such to receive replies from Google, Sun Microsystems, and more. It's great to see companies taking a more active role in community.

mszv - amarez

I don't regard twitter as all that different from either facebook or my blog, except it's shorter, I can update twitter from my cell phone, and I finally got twitter to update facebook. I think I may not be using it the same way as other people - don't think I'm as interactive as some, and very many people follow me.

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I think the twitter must disappear soon.

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