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A-freaking-men. ESPECIALLY when it comes to virtual worlds, where the community *is* half the experience. If you're not engaging with, and dynamic with, your community, things will implode.

Carl Symborski

I hear you Ron! Your post is less of a rant and more commentary on how little game services understand communities and the influence they can have to the long term success of the service.

Recently I was involved in a MMO beta and was of course exposed to the great CM they had running the beta program. Then inexplicably, as we got close “live” launch, the game service replaced this CM with a new person who was “closer to the developers”. They were talking geographically, since the previous CM was working remotely. The new CM was no where near as good and I wonder if it was all just a way to cut costs with a less experience person.

The service is now live and I have lost contact with either CM. Nonetheless the last minute switch left a bad taste in my mouth. I did not become a full time subscriber. Your post brought up a lot of the reasons why this was so for me.

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