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Matthew Hornbostel

Unfortunately, MO:RE was put on hold less than three months from its anticipated release - due to economic problems. The estimated remaining cost of opening it? About $150,000.

Hopefully Cyan can raise that money from somewhere soon, either from a publisher or project or sales of new (not used) copies of Cyan's games. It's a travesty that all the great MO:UL content is lying around unplayed and inaccessible to the public, it cost about $7+ million to develop!

MO:RE makes sense - letting fans add worlds to the game (user-created content) allows Uru to stay fresh with minimal cost to Cyan. It's the first Uru Live format that actually makes business sense (it'd be so cheap for Cyan to run once it's up!) but Cyan hasn't been able to finish opening it yet, which is - pardon the pun - a huge Myst opportunity.

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