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John Mauser

Very interesting and very true. You will actually find that most of the corporate gaming community is definitely in tune with the music industry, even before the Guitar Hero game. Who do you think are the gamers?


Yeah that is true, when games started putting real muscians in games people were able to listen to different music that they may have never heard.

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Well, even the horrible games have to make money somehow. When the bad artists and bad video games band together to make money it's a joyous occassion.

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Video games are a powerful medium and could probably be used to sell almost anything.

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Well i really enjoy some video games songs... for example FF7... and who cannot recognized the Mario Bros Theme... video games are part of ouor culture now

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Sure... just see how successfull guitar hero is... that game was a revolution when appears.. and now even... video games need the sound to cause an impact and some of them are the best in that area!!!`

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