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Yes, I heard it too. And must say that the Alter Ego book is quite interesting. I thought it would be just a nice topical coffee table book, but it is way more compelling than I expected. The layout and form is quite unique. A precious work of art. Each set of pages a jewel. There is a photo of each user on one page and image of their avatar on the facing page. But it's the couple of paragraphs in each of the users own words that wouldn't let me put the book down. Just amazing the various types of relationships these people have with their avatars. My favorite quote: "I used to be a satanic priest, but now I have a girlfriend."


lol. Is that Christian Greuel? If so, hi Chris (for those who don't know him, a pioneering VR designer and artist from the late "twentieth century"). One thing I love about the book is that it really dispels the stereotypes very elegantly and efficiently. There are only two pictures of each subject, and very little text. But the selection of what details are chosen are quite profound. It also really brings out the essential humanity of avatar play: where people are coming from and what aspects of themselves they are exploring.

For a touch of something very similar, I also recommend the film Avatars Offline http://www.avatarsoffline.com/, which as been screened at a number of game conferences and Universities. It is not as elegant and mininal as Alter Ego, but it takes a very similar approach.

bible player

yup..i like that avatar book i read it twice and i will read it again and again...thanks for the blog..:)

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