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ron meiners

Thanks for this Celia!

The community that was born of Uru will live on, now in many worlds. Such wonderful promise, so many good experiences, so many amazing and dear people. I am grateful for having found so many friends, and believing that our community will always be, in many worlds now.


Uru made the Myst community HUGE, and connected it in ways that it hadn't been before. But with Uru going away (again), and having the potential of changing (again), people are falling apart (personally, and collectively).

This is why keeping things like the Guilds active, and directing people to rel.to, and getting people interested in attending Mysterium, is important. It shows that there is Myst life outside of Uru.

Taelos Katran

This is the best fan tribute video I have ever seen.

The shining star in all this tragedy is that the Uru Community is living on. It is stronger now than it was at the last closure. And the group now fanned out to multiple worlds are spreading good and contributing pan-world.

Cyan created a MMOW. That MMOW spawned a distinct community culture which has taken on a life of its own.

The ending has not been written.


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Virtually beautiful! I personally love your blog.

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